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After activating the server, access to it is sent to the email specified by the client during registration, it is also worth checking the "Spam" folder in your mailbox. If you have not received a letter with access, you can view them directly from the billing panel, for this, in the "Virtual servers" section, select your service and click on the "Instruction" button at the top, or write to our technical support - we will provide all the necessary information.

To change the PTR record, you need to go to the "Virtual Servers" section in your personal account, select a service from the list, and then click the "IP addresses" button on top. In the new window, select the IP address for which you want to change the PTR record and click the "Change" button, in the window that opens, edit the "Domain" field, after saving the changes, they will take effect within 30 minutes.

Yes it is possible. To do this, in the "Virtual servers" section, select your service and click on the "Change tariff" button at the top. In the new window, select the required tariff plan. Everything happens automatically without our participation. You need to take into account that during the change of the VPS service, the server will not be available.

When ordering a VPS server, the following control panels are available:

cPanel - professional solution for managing VPS servers
Hestia - a free hosting control panel
ISPManager - paid virtual server control panel from ISPsystem

You can order through the support service the installation of any other control panel or do it yourself.

First you need to go to the VMmanager panel. To do this, in the billing, in the "Virtual servers" section, select the service and click on the "Go" button, the VMmanager panel will open in a new window. In the window that opens, you can change the password for your server or reinstall the system.

To reinstall the OS, you need to go to the "Virtual Servers" section in billing, select your service, then click on the "Go" button, you will be taken to the VMmanager panel, where you can perform any operations with your server, including reinstalling the operating system.

Server activation time on Linux / FreeBSD OC is 5-10 minutes.
Server activation time on Windows OS is 5-10 minutes.

If you ordered cPanel, Hestia, ISPmanager control panel, the activation process can be increased up to 1 hour!

For all customers who have purchased the VPS service, we provide FTP storage free of charge depending on the tariff.

  • VPS-1 - 25Gb
  • VPS-2 - 50Gb
  • VPS-3 - 100Gb
  • VPS-4 - 150Gb
  • VPS-5 - 200Gb
  • VPS-6 - 250Gb
  • VPS-7 - 300Gb

The storage size can be increased independently at any time for an additional fee.

This section "FTP storage" becomes active after you have purchased the VPS service.

You can connect the backup using the FTP server in the control panel cPanel, Hestia, ISPmanager or any other.

If your software or control panel does not support data backup for FTP, we will connect your BASH scripts for free to back up the necessary data to VPS. You need to contact the Support Service and everything will be done as soon as possible!

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