SSL Certificates
Protection of personal data of users on the site

When you enter the site, you connect to the server on which it is located. If the connection is not secured, hackers can steal logins, passwords and bank card numbers. The SSL certificate is needed to encrypt data between the site and the client. Even if there is traffic interception, it cannot be decrypted.

A GlobalSign survey found that 84% of visitors do not buy products on sites without a SSL certificate. Users leave unprotected sites, and store owners lose profits. SSL certificate is no longer a whim of large companies, but a mandatory requirement for all. Installing SSL protects sensitive information. Visitors will trust the site, which means attendance will increase.

Certificate type Manufacturer Price for 1 year Price for 2 years
4.5 $ 8 $ Buy
Comodo Positive SSL
5 $ 9 $ Buy
RapidSSL Standard
10 $ 18 $ Buy
GGSSL Wildcard SSL
56 $ 96 $ Buy
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard
80 $ 140 $ Buy
RapidSSL WildcardSSL
100 $ 180 $ Buy
Comodo PositiveSSL EV
110 $ 190 $ Buy

According to Bloomberg, by 2020 the volume of global transactions on the Internet will increase to 27.7 trillion. dollars. Along with it increases the number of fraudulent transactions. Therefore, technology companies are continuously working on protecting users.

Apple ordered iOS app developers to switch to HTTPS. Google search robots mark non-SSL sites as unsafe and lower their position in search results. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox mark HTTP sites as unreliable. So browsers warn users that fraudsters can steal personal data and money.

Translate the site to HTTPS, to strengthen the position in search engines, to cause the trust of visitors and earn more on the Internet.